Prayer & Restoration

Prayer and restoration go hand in hand.  You can't have one without the other.  Prayer is our conversation with the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. This conversation leads to a deeper and more intimate relationship with God and with others.  Restoration, through prayer, comes in our lives by walking out the healing process which results from the continual communication with the Father, Jesus, His Son, and the Holy Spirit.   GOD has done all the work already and as you repent, confess and forgive, all the hinderances will be removed and you will no longer be reaping what you have sown.   In order to grow into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ, prayer and restoration need to be a daily discipline that become an intregal part of your being just like breathing is to your body. 
Jesus is ready, willing and able to set you free!  
We would love to help you learn to walk in healing, restoration, victory and freedom.

Healing and Prayer Deliverance Sessions are available
with Pastor Scott Johnson. 
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